Site for training and issuing certificates in the sphere of medical services.

In a nutshell about Oasis

This site is a team of experienced professionals in the sphere of medicine whose main mission is to support the educational documentation and clinical needs of home health providers, as well as organizations that represent and regulate their education.

The main services on which this site specializes are:

  • advising the health care industry on home care;
  • planning and organization of relevant courses;
  • recruitment of students for such courses;
  • organization of the certification exams;
  • maintenance of the certification database;
  • implementation of related materials and manuals;
  • site users can be both independent experts and profile organizations;
  • In addition, the site implements an interface for course instructors;
  • the site has a calendar that allows you to track the current and available to the user events;
  • the user's account allows you to customize the profile, view the ordered courses, exams and purchased materials, passed exams, etc.

Basic work on Oasis

  1. Development of architecture
  2. System of assembly and deploy
  3. Microservices

The Project Team:

Aleksandr Nashyvan


Vladimir Mezin


Sergey Vaschenko

QA Engineer

Development of architecture

The project uses a micro-service architecture. All microservices can be divided into the following categories by purpose:

  • the data model realized:
    • grouping of logically isolated data structures;
    • a description of these data structures;
    • functional CRUD and low-level validation;
  • business logic implements:
      API applications;
    • high-level data processing logic;
    • form validation;
    • interaction with external services;
  • ancillary services
    • data store;
    • search engine;
    • proxy server;
    • access control;
    • creating and restoring backup copies of data;
  • Пcustom web interfaces
    • custom site
    • web interface for site administration.

System of assembly and deploy

Implemented on the basis of docker-compose and integrated with gitlab-ci which allowed to completely automate the process of assembling various applications for the purpose of development, testing and the final version.


Our team has implemented the following microservices:

  • Data storage
  • Search
  • Access control
  • Proxy server
  • File service
  • Email notification service
  • Creating a backup archive of data and restoring data from the archive
  • Users’ Profiles and Organizations
  • Authorization system
  • Global Settings and Data System
  • Location system
  • Information Pages
  • Blog
  • Generating summary data and reports
  • The calendar, etc.