The site is an online platform where players, agents and scouts of hockey teams can communicate among themselves.

In a nutshell about ScoutZoo

Scout Zoo allows players to see hundreds of scouts throughout North America and Europe. Players have the opportunity to upload videos of their games to their profile. Then they can contact real teams to demonstrate their skills to them.

The player can upload the following information to his profile:

  • his data;
  • some basic statistics;
  • video with his participation in games;
  • make a video cut and highlight his best skills.

Scouts can see the profiles of the players, watch the video, give their estimates, and then they can contact the player or his agent, to whom they are interested.

Basic works on «Scoutzoo»

  1. Player Profile
  2. Scout Profile
  3. Load video in the background
  4. Trimming/editing of downloaded video
  5. Search
  6. Notifications
  7. Privacy settings

The Project Team:

Aleksandr Nashyvan


Vladimir Leskiv


Sergey Vaschenko

Project Manager

Aleksandra Borysyonok

QA Engineer

Anton Ivanov


Naumenko Maria


Petrushkov Vitaly