Educational social network

In a nutshell about «Reach»

Reach is an educational social network designed for communication between students and teachers in the educational process of studying different disciplines at the university.

The prerequisites for the creation of this project were that often the university had to carry out joint assignments by small groups of students, and it needed a tool for communication within these groups. More often students used the social network “Facebook” for this but it lacked many functions that made it inconvenient to work. So there was an idea for creating this project.

The goal of this project was to create a platform that would allow us to divide our professional life from social because the use of social networks as a professional platform diverts attention. Every time you use social networks, you can get bogged down in all the latest updates from our social circle.

Basic works on «Reach»

  1. Social network
  2. The calendar
  3. Chat
  4. Integration with Dropbox, Google Drive
  5. Microservices

The Project Team:

Aleksandr Nashyvan


Vladimir Mezin


Sergey Vaschenko

QA Engineer

Sergey Obukhov


Social network

In fact, this project is a social network, which aims to publish and exchange information within the educational institution (college, university). In order to start communication, you need to register on the site, choose a university and join the episode (or create your own), where communication will be conducted.

The system allows you to create opened and closed episodes, which determines the procedure for joining them. To join a closed one, the participant must apply and receive confirmation from the owner.

Also was implemented a system of inviting participants, which allows you to invite for participation in the episode registered and unregistered yet users who receive notification and can immediately join the conversation.

The calendar

In the calendar we developed such functionals:

  • Dashboard - calendar board, where all the events are output in different colors
  • Milestones - the ability to show certain time intervals on the calendar board (set deadlines)
  • Events - the ability to create events both on the calendar board and through other tools: chat, calendar.
  • Due to these tools, all information is displayed in one place, all the changes can also be made in one place, which greatly helps in planning your own time.


With this functionality, you can create an unlimited number of conversations with your classmates or with teachers and communicate in real time. The number of participants in the chat is unlimited. If the chat did not have activity during the day (24 hours), then it automatically disappears, which is also very convenient because you don’t hang a large number of active chats.

Integration with Dropbox, Google Drive

In this project is implemented integration with such free online storage of files as Dropbox and Google Drive with the ability to synchronize with them. With this tool, you don’t need to store all your data on the computer.


Our team has implemented the following microservices:

  • Authorization of users
  • Backup
  • Chat
  • Email Notification Service
  • Event creation
  • Hierarchy
  • Database (Mongo)
  • Proxy (Nginx)
  • Oauth
  • Preauthorization
  • Profile of user
  • Pubsub
  • A sequence of commands or data waiting to be processed is usually in order from the beginning of the sequence (Queue)
  • Search
  • Storage of data
  • User Interface

All microservices work in dockers-containers which form their isolated network, also it gives complete independence of the application from the architecture of the host system. All this in a complex provides an easy and simple deployment, updating, configuration and management of the application on production servers.