Drop-desk - site and mobile application to find places for work, meetings, conferences

In a nutshell about «DropDesk»

Drop-desk is a project designed to manage coworkings and provide users with coworking services through a website and mobile application. The application and the site allow the user to book a place in a certain coworking or to buy a ticket for activities conducted by coworking. The essence of the application is to provide the user with a convenient interface between him, as an individual, and organizations in the form of coworking, the organization of subscriptions, the convenient search for new coworking, the possibility of paying and booking online through the application and access to the news channel DropDesk.

Basic works on «DropDesk»

  1. User Profile
  2. Coworking Search and Filters
  3. Adding a card to pay online
  4. Purchase history
  5. News feed
  6. Help
  7. Settings
  8. Notifications

The Project Team:

Aleksandr Nashyvan


Vladimir Leskiv


Aleksandra Borysyonok

QA Engineer

Eugene Kassa